Secure Document Storage


Storage Makes Sense

Making the decision to create important legal documents like your Will or Lasting Power of Attorney is a wise move. It’s equally as important to ensure that these documents are stored safely so that they can be found and used when they are needed.

Digital Won't Do

Scans, photocopies, photographs of the documents and computer records are not legally valid. Your original documents must contain a wet ink signature for them to be binding.

Let Us Help

Imagine the stress your family would face if they could not find the original documents when they were needed…

A solution to this is to use our professional storage service to ensure that your executors or attorneys can access the documents at the time of need.
Our Practices

What We Do For You

We provide clients with copies of their documents, a certificate confirming that we have documents in safe storage which should be stored with the copies of the documents.

We also register the location of the Will on the National Will Register as part of our service ensuring that if your certificate of safe storage was misplaced then your executors will have the best possible chance of finding the documents.

In addition, we hold scans of all documents in our safe storage.

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