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You have worked hard all your life and you don’t really want to have to reduce the value of your estate if you don’t need to in the event of illness or even death. 

We have partnered with Vitality to make sure you don’t have to experience that.

Vitality’s highly qualified advisers can take you through the financial pitfalls to make sure you avoid them.

What Can Happen?

In the event of your death and when you pass on your estate to your next generation, HMRC have a good look to make sure you don’t fall into the Inheritance Tax bracket. 

That’s easier to do than you might think. 

Whilst we can’t help you avoid the tax if you are liable, we can create money for your dependants to pay the tax (which they need to do before probate can be granted).

But Even Before You Die...

More and more people are living longer and longer and, whilst we are very good at keeping people alive, we are perhaps not so great at looking after them when they need care. 

Vitality has a unique solution that will pay out in the event of diagnosis of certain later life conditions so that your loved ones don’t have to spend your money – or theirs – funding care if that is needed. 

And the benefit will be paid on your death anyway so that you are not wasting your money insuring against something that won’t happen
For advice in these and many other areas, contact Vitality now.
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