Save Money With A Pre-Paid Probate Plan

What We Offer

Our plans include the following:
Assisting your loved ones with registering the death and arranging the
Ensuring your assets are secure and protected during the estate
administration process.
Advising your loved ones on the terms of your Will or the intestacy
Plus much more! Download our brochure for full details.

Single Person

Cover yourself


Cover yourself and your partner

The Cost Of Probate

What happens when your appointed solicitor or bank in your Will charges a substantial fee and your loved ones are forced to pay thousands of pounds at a particularly vulnerable time?

Our Probate plan covers all the legal expenses to obtain Probate and Administer your Estate regardless of the value or complexity.

Professional Costs

Professionals will typically charge somewhere between 1% - 4% of your total estate value.

Peace Of Mind

Provide your loved ones with the peace of mind knowing that they do not have to worry and everything will be taken care of for them by our professional team.

Hourly Rates

Many professionals charge an hourly rate of £150 - £300, which could well be in addition to the fee calculated on the value of the estate.

Moneybox’s podcast: The costs of winding up someone's affairs after they die’ highlights how there are different costs associated with estate administration and these vary from provider to provider.

One of the benefits of the Fortis Law Pre-Paid Probate Plan is that the costs are transparent, fixed at today’s prices, and probably most importantly, you are taking the hassle away from your loved ones.

Save yourself the hassle & cost of Probate Fees, avoiding any nasty financial surprises in the future.

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