Funeral Plans


A Stressful Time

When a close family member or friend passes away it can be a very difficult time. The stress of having to arrange a funeral can add all sorts of unnecessary pressure. The term ‘funeral poverty’ is something that is much more prevalent in the press with many struggling to cover the costs of their funeral.

Unexpected Costs

The average cost of a funeral with a funeral director (according to The Money Advice Service) is £4078 and funeral costs have risen at twice the rate of inflation. If the costs of funerals continue to rise at the current rate, could you afford to pay for your funeral?
Plan Ahead

Let Us Help

An increasingly popular way to combat these rising costs is to pay for your funeral now, fixing the costs (less disbursements) at today's prices and with Fortis Law, we can help you with a pre-paid funeral plan.

This gives you the ability to arrange your funeral now removing the hassle for your loved ones.

Speak to a member of our team for more information.

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