April 4, 2019

Where Should I Store My Will?

You need to store your Will and associated legal documents safely. You also need to ensure that the documents can be easily accessed by the appropriate people at the relevant time.

There is currently no mandatory national Will register in England and Wales.

It is important to us that all legal documents we write are insured, protected and safely stored. We offer our clients a  safe and secure document storage facility providing real peace of mind. Your executors will need to know the location of your Will when the time comes. Storing with us provides you with the means of communicating the location of your Will to your executors. This will also mean that your executors can be supported by us at a later date.

In addition to the secure storage of your physical documents, we will scan your documents and store them safely in the cloud. You will have access to a scanned copy of your documents but will also have a physical copy.

Our friendly team will provide you with a certificate of safe storage which should be kept with your copy of the Will.

Additional benefits of professional document storage will mean your Will not fall into the wrong hands. It will be safe from fire, theft and accidental destruction.

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