January 23, 2020

Back to Basics – What is a Will? Some important questions answered!

Most people understand the importance of having an up to date and valid Will. The days of putting it off for the reasons of not wanting to tempt fate are far behind us.

There are a host of benefits derived from writing a Will and in this short article, we’ll talk about what the document can do for you, when it’s needed and what practical considerations you should consider when looking at writing your Will.

Let’s take things back to basics.

What is a Will?

A Will is an important legal document in which you direct where you would like your assets to go after you’ve passed away. In addition to this, it allows you to appoint people you trust to handle the distribution of your estate. These people are called Executors. Your Will can also give instructions as to who you would like to look after your children (if they are under 18) when you pass away. You can make gifts to loved ones or charities; set up trusts to look after assets so that they are protected and passed onto loved ones, and you can make exclusions to prevent certain people from benefitting from your wealth.

Your Will is also known as your ‘Last Will and Testament’. It is given effect by the attestation (signing process). You must sign your Will in the presence of two witnesses.  Your witnesses should not be beneficiaries or their spouses or civil partners as this would lead to them disinheriting themselves.

When thinking about having your Will written, it is sensible to conduct research into how you are going to go about this. It is possible to write your own Will but we would strongly recommend against this. We often see the negative consequences of DIY Wills at a time when it is either difficult or impossible to put matters right. Use a properly trained professional. They should have professional indemnity insurance in place, should be a solicitor or should be a member of a professional body such as The Society of Will Writers (SWW) or The Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW).

If you choose Fortis to write your Will, then you can take confidence knowing that we have inhouse solicitors overseeing all legal work and that our consultants are members of IPW.

How much does it cost?

Will Writing doesn’t have to cost the earth. With Fortis, we’ll invite you to a meeting to discuss your requirements and to talk about your situation. We will listen carefully to what you would like to achieve and will advise you accordingly. We provide fixed fee services and will always provide information transparently.

What about storage?

Once you’ve gone to the effort and expense of having your Will written, it’s important to store it safely so that it’s easily accessible when it’s needed. Storing important legal documents at home should be avoided. Our professional storage option means that it will not be damaged, lost or deliberately destroyed. It is only the original document that will be admissible at probate.

Making changes to your Will

Storing your document with Fortis will enable you to manage the cost of changes to your Wills later. It is important to keep your Will up to date with changing personal circumstances and as the law changes too.

A new Will revokes your old Will.

Getting Fortis to write my Will

If you’d like Fortis to help you with writing your Will then we can arrange an appointment at a time and date to suit you. Appointments are available at our offices or alternatively, one of our consultants can come to you. The appointments usually last for between one and two hours after which we will produce your documents for you. We also return to you to assist with signing all documents for no additional charge.

How can I book an appointment?

Simply call Fortis Law on 01543 747010 or contact us via our website. Alternatively, email our team: hello@fortislaw.co.uk

Would you like to know more?

Feel free to request a brochure by calling our team.

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